Phosphine Back and Forth

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The reported detection of phosphine (PH3) on Venus has been controversial ever since the original announcement in 2020 (Greaves et al. 2020). Some question whether or not the signal is real. Others find the signal to be real but question the attribution to PH3. Still others assume the signal and attribution are legitimate, but then propose a nonbiological chemical source for phosphine (note that the original announcement did not claim PH3 was definitively caused by life but explored the idea). Our team, with the data analysis led by Prof. Jane Greaves and the chemistry interpretation led by Janusz Petkowski and William Bains, has responded to nearly all published papers with a response published in the literature. Science is working in this back-and-forth process. To capture back and forth with live links to the published papers, we have created a living “PH3 Chronology Table”  at this link.

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